Friday Jul 25 @ 05:08pm
i just finished obstetrics and gynecology doctors


this drama literally had my crying every episode, im not even lying. it showed the beautiful relationship between mother and child but it also had its own cute couples. im glad i decided to watch this, i recommend to anyone

Friday Jul 25 @ 05:03pm


This exceptionally handsome 24 year old is a real-life Dr.McSteamy.

He’s Manuel Rico and he’s actually a medical student doing his residency in Chile.

But he was also 2010′s Spanish Beauty King.

He apparently just wants to forget his past as a model and focus on his future as an OB/GYN, according to Buzzfeed.


Friday Jul 25 @ 05:01pm
Friday Jul 25 @ 04:47pm


this video is hilarious!

it’s a parody of the infamous Gangnam Style song through the eyes of OB/GYN resident doctors at the University of Toronto.

unfortunately, the group Humanize Birth was able to make Sunnybrook Hospital take the video down from their main site. but some users were still able to re-post independently exercising their freedom of expression.

check it out while you still can.

Friday Jul 25 @ 04:40pm

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